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Welcome to the official home of PlayStation on NLmind.
Here you'll find the latest videos about your favorite PlayStation products direct from Sony Computer Entertainment, as well as consumer generated clips from other PlayStation fans. To stay up to date, be sure to subscribe above and check back often for the new game trailers, behind-the-scenes footage, in-game moments, tips and tricks and exclusive sneak peeks.

Il Criminalo
Il Criminalo - Dag geleden
No more new coop missions i guess?
Alicia Starkey
Alicia Starkey - Dag geleden
Put roblox on ps4
Jimmy - Dag geleden
Agents of mayhem ps plus
GOVERMENT - Dag geleden
If this video gets deleted will NLmind die
Cochin Ground
Cochin Ground - Dag geleden
So badass
Guishe25 - Dag geleden
Playstation does know how to make a trailer
MproductionB - Dag geleden
I like this game!!! Is very melancony!!!
Flame Tongue
Flame Tongue - Dag geleden
Pants soaked...
devilish01 8
devilish01 8 - Dag geleden
Wait so is blood hound a guy or a girl?
sumi sufian
sumi sufian - Dag geleden
mr playstation guy i need fortnite on ps5 or else ...
MproductionB - Dag geleden
I like this game!!!! Is very melancony!!!
Zaid Jamal
Zaid Jamal - Dag geleden
If only the graphics were better. Game looks the same as Wild Arms V on PS2.. I understand that's not the main draw to Falcom games but still, it would rly help.
xiNFaMoUz---x - Dag geleden
They removed 3vs3 and add 4vs4 for stupid and still no 2v2
loki gaming
loki gaming - Dag geleden
Finally, I have waited for this 💕💕
Noe Cases
Noe Cases - Dag geleden
So when the other 2?
Ricardo Fermín
Ricardo Fermín - Dag geleden
In this FFVII we will can to hold alive to Aeris?
sumi sufian
sumi sufian - Dag geleden
the reason i dont subscribe to Xbox 😂😂😂🤣🤣
Sergio Plazat
Sergio Plazat - Dag geleden
Este tipo es el espíritu de kratos 🤯👍
Dxcdy - Dag geleden
I love you The Last of Us Part II :D sony you are the best!!!
Chcuf Cicufufu
Chcuf Cicufufu - Dag geleden
Garbage game apex is better
هادي 2016
هادي 2016 - Dag geleden
Renew Blood Roar
El Towers
El Towers - Dag geleden
Aww my childhood memories; I can't wait to play this game.
BushyBrow 64
BushyBrow 64 - Dag geleden
I thought this was a Bojack game
Li TT - Dag geleden
nextgen we need game which will have all types of simulators
ɴᴏéᴍɪᴇ ᴍɪʀᴀʙᴇʟʟᴇ {ᴍᴀʀᴠᴇʟ ᴏᴄ}
ɴᴏéᴍɪᴇ ᴍɪʀᴀʙᴇʟʟᴇ {ᴍᴀʀᴠᴇʟ ᴏᴄ} - Dag geleden
Wow its nice to see a game that made us delete every game on our console
Vangeance - Dag geleden
Ellie - Dag geleden
When the game is delayed indefinitely 😔
Josh Threeton
Josh Threeton - Dag geleden
This must be the "No Pedestrian" edition for an extra $20.
Abhishek Vaid
Abhishek Vaid - Dag geleden
If they release it in April 2020. It'll still be best looking game.
TreGwop - Dag geleden
plz have Bluetooth mics idiots
Stolen Password
Stolen Password - Dag geleden
There's something off on the material lighting for the bikes it seems too bright like ambient occlusion is turned off or something
Josh Threeton
Josh Threeton - Dag geleden
SPONSORED BY: New Balance lol
Gabriel Oliveira
Gabriel Oliveira - Dag geleden
PS3 graphics
Matrix Neo
Matrix Neo - Dag geleden
Que jogo mais mal feito!!!! Que bosta!!! Movimentação dos skatistas tosca, cenários vazios, lixo!!! Skate 3 era bem mais bonito e bem feito!!!
Chris - Dag geleden
Who’s here after DaulSense 5 announcement
Markiss Scribe Gaming FPV Musik Videos
Markiss Scribe Gaming FPV Musik Videos - Dag geleden
Been following you since the DayZ days! Your Chonk and Chungus stream was a massive inspiration to me, I put together a video In honour of this stream with my own content! I'd love it if you find a minute to take a look :)
Markiss Scribe Gaming FPV Musik Videos
Markiss Scribe Gaming FPV Musik Videos - Dag geleden
Been following you since the DayZ days! Your Chonk and Chungus stream was a massive inspiration to me, I put together a video In honour of this stream with my own content! I'd love it if you find a minute to take a look :)
Dante Solaris
Dante Solaris - Dag geleden
Witch means that you should not kill Kratos. We don't need a Game of Thrones moment. We love Kratos.
A-MILLIO 118 - Dag geleden
Who agrees this should be on switch!!!!! LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN
Hekmat Ahmed
Hekmat Ahmed - Dag geleden
No kiryu chan No buy 😄👏
Brandon Lindsey
Brandon Lindsey - Dag geleden
Why not just buy Ride 3. Has this track and tons of other iconic tracks from around the world
Spooons. LeSpooons
Spooons. LeSpooons - Dag geleden
It feels like fortnite but no one's building a hotel instantly in front of you.
Ankit Kumar
Ankit Kumar - Dag geleden
In this lockdown period, If you guys not release PS Now in India then i will throw my brand new ps4 out side my window and will buy xbox one. Please release soon lockdown is very pain and boring
Nicky Notorious
Nicky Notorious - Dag geleden
The game might be pretty fun but this has to be the most generic and rehearsed looking trailers I’ve ever seen.
AdriLokoLokoPtoAmo jsj
AdriLokoLokoPtoAmo jsj - Dag geleden
Alguien que me pase el MW
Nonamo - Dag geleden
Why is the sun so orange lol
austfraust - Dag geleden
Another developer copy/pasting games to get $$$ from kids.
skajme - Dag geleden
This game desperately needs PS4 pro support! It's very jagged and ugly on a 4k TV
Christiene Celso
Christiene Celso - Dag geleden
Ghost theorists:Welp i guess Alex is actually Roach?
dastro - Dag geleden
This is trash
Grizzly505 Gaming
Grizzly505 Gaming - Dag geleden
This game looks like absolute trash even the trailers are just sad with no effort put into them
Saint Hedis
Saint Hedis - Dag geleden
Death Dodger
Death Dodger - Dag geleden
Man I cant wait until they release the ps5s hdmi cord
ice cream The boy
ice cream The boy - Dag geleden
Guys i wanted to ask I have more then like 100 games on my ps4 from the ps store so if I buy ps5 will I be able to play the games I had in my ps4 on the ps5?
Alex Zagan
Alex Zagan - Dag geleden
Am I the only one thought it was a new steins;gate season?
Daelin Miller
Daelin Miller - Dag geleden
I'm gonna wait for resurrection of F dlc
Cameron - Dag geleden
anyone remember watching this and being hyped?
Jack Tolerico
Jack Tolerico - Dag geleden
Is it free
Rossco - Dag geleden
why only 30fps
Isaiah Burns
Isaiah Burns - Dag geleden
XBox owners right now: 1:26
MRX - Dag geleden
Here I am hoping for a massive reboot of the franchise that continues the story from 3 and not go near where 4 did with the planet's destruction
Блогер ЁП
Блогер ЁП - Dag geleden
Когда в России ??
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor - Dag geleden
Thing is if this flops, then no more skate games... If its fairly priced and we support it, then that sends a message to devs... There is a market for skate games
Gunner Andersen
Gunner Andersen - Dag geleden
this aint a human, hes a IA im telling you
C A I O - Dag geleden
i wait the day tourist trophy will come back
Ricardo Bespalhuk
Ricardo Bespalhuk - Dag geleden
I hope 9999 is the max HP and damage, I'd love that.
A B - Dag geleden
I'm guessing by this trailer's art style, Risk of Rain 3 will look more like this?
Explicit Sage
Explicit Sage - Dag geleden
RIP 500gb PS4 owners 😭
محمد حمزه رحمن
محمد حمزه رحمن - Dag geleden
One of the greatest games ever!
محمد حمزه رحمن
محمد حمزه رحمن - Dag geleden
Sleeping Dogs > GTA all series combined!
Pete Vega
Pete Vega - Dag geleden
Soooo imma need nemesis in future games
UsielX - Dag geleden
Driveclub looks better
infamousdnt - Dag geleden
Can we please get some original PvP games soon?
tee Hoops
tee Hoops - Dag geleden
Does anybody know if this is online ?? Co -op??
Dejected Yoda
Dejected Yoda - Dag geleden
Ryan Reynolds
Abhinav Dasgupta
Abhinav Dasgupta - Dag geleden
Who's here after ps5 Controller launch ?
Dustin Ohlmeier
Dustin Ohlmeier - Dag geleden
So is this remaster trash or worth getting and playing?
Milliardo Peacecraft
Milliardo Peacecraft - Dag geleden
Impressive. Dana Carvey truly is the master of disguise.
ThePenetrator78 - Dag geleden
Were is 2 strokes 500 ?
KrAyOnS1 - Dag geleden
I feel like I should be playing this. On my gameboy advance.
Juraj creations
Juraj creations - Dag geleden
I need to wait for whole another month again Please make fallout 4 or call of duty madern warfere or don't starve free for may
Peter Vu
Peter Vu - Dag geleden
I dotnt have ps+ How to get these?
bo bo
bo bo - Dag geleden
Suiryu , the coolest character in the show.
Billy Bob Johnson
Billy Bob Johnson - Dag geleden
Now back to the dream
Don Cho
Don Cho - Dag geleden
im so glad activision learned from its mistakes. well, most of the big ones i guess
Andrew Hernandez
Andrew Hernandez - Dag geleden
The game is so fun and epic
Davide tinella
Davide tinella - Dag geleden
Fai schifo sony,viva nintendo
Lucky ASMR
Lucky ASMR - Dag geleden
I've never played a Final Fantasy game before, but I can tell this is gonna make me cry like a baby.
Spencer Steinbrecher
Spencer Steinbrecher - Dag geleden
Bring back realism mode please
El Huracan
El Huracan - Dag geleden
Part 2?
Vlad Pl
Vlad Pl - Dag geleden
DualSense is great looking controller, change my mind
Andy Smith
Andy Smith - Dag geleden
2 DAYS!!!!!
BDZ - Dag geleden
i want demo
THE GAMER ZONE 51 - Dag geleden
nice lil comeback for call of duty keep it up !
Celese M
Celese M - Dag geleden
Please add mods for ps4
Akimbops - Dag geleden
Can't wait for this new Doom game!
Konsol Oyuncu
Konsol Oyuncu - Dag geleden
The only game the trailer is %100 true is warzone
Elijah Johnson
Elijah Johnson - Dag geleden
If the dynamic gameplay shown in this trailer is a reality, then this is game of the year material.
Zohrez Khan
Zohrez Khan - Dag geleden
Who came back after hearing the game got delayed again because of the coronavirus
Carlos Neto
Carlos Neto - Dag geleden
Opm a game nobody plays