GOING SUPERSONIC with U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds! Pulling 7 G's in an F-16 -Smarter Every Day 235

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A personal thank you to Air Force MSgt Ryan Crane for nominating me for this flight. Thank you sir.
The Thunderbirds have a NLmind Channel
This flight took place on May 3, 2019 in Biloxi Mississippi. The reason it took so long to release is the high amount of research I wanted to do before releasing the video. I even visited the Air Force Research Lab at Wright Patterson AFB to discuss some aspects of this video with Aerodynamicists. Synchronizing all this footage and coordinating additional B Roll with the Thunderbirds Public Affairs Officer also required a lot of effort.
These are my own thoughts, not those of the U.S. Air Force or the Thunderbirds:
I've been around a lot of pilots and ground crew in my life and I must say that the professionalism displayed by the Thunderbirds was astounding. Their goal is to inspire and demonstrate the capabilities of the US Air Force, so I'll take it a step further. If you're a smart young person who is interesting in changing your life for the better, strongly consider the Air Force. The job market isn't the best at the moment but the Air Force still has opportunities available for you to learn incredible skills even if you're not interested in flying. They manage everything from logistics, electronics, aerospace, cyber and even space systems. The threats to freedom are becoming more complex, and in my experience working for the Department of Defense over a 15 year span (even longer if you count my work as a contractor) The US Air Force consists of some of the most intelligent service members our country has. These people are book-smart, but also have the confidence to solve real world problems with their own hands. If I have a complex aerodynamic question, my first call is usually to someone in the Air Force, because they understand these complex phenomena intuitively. For example, in this video you would hear Flack and I talking about pitot tubes in flight. We also had other discussions about fuel burn rates, Prandtl Glauert, weather.... all kinds of things. Simply put, if you're looking for direction in your life, and you're good with science and math... consider the Air Force. That being said, they also need other types of skills as well. Logisticians, writers, creative people who know how to solve complex problems in unique ways.
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SmarterEveryDay - 15 dagen geleden
This video was the opportunity of a lifetime. When asked if I wanted to fly in an F-16, I said "Yes please, and there are some things I'd like to study. Can we try supersonic flight at different altitudes?" I'm very grateful for this opportunity and would like to thank Flack and the rest of the US Air Force Thunderbirds. This flight took place on May 3rd, 2019. This Spatial Disorientation training is something all fighter pilots go through so they can understand how their own physiology works under these conditions.
Thank you for watching and learning with me. I always wanted to know what happened in the cockpit when a jet goes supersonic. If you think this kind of content is worthy of your support, you can become a patron at: https://www.patreon.com/smartereveryday
ruste shackleferd
ruste shackleferd - 13 uur geleden
@B Wilie thank you for pointing out how annoying auto-incorrect is. I was born and raised in the great Las Vegas, Nevada so having spent basically four decades here I should have learned to double check my comments before posting
B Wilie
B Wilie - 14 uur geleden
@Rhialto If you read the description about the video you'll see the following: "This flight took place on May 3, 2019 in Biloxi Mississippi." Mace (the female Thunderbird pilot) was flying the #6 opposing solo position when he interviewed her. This year 2020, she is the #5 Lead Solo. So no COVID 19 during this filming.
B Wilie
B Wilie - 14 uur geleden
@ruste shackleferd The Air Force Thunderbirds are based at Nellis AFB, Las Vegas Nevada. So in Las Vegas, you "have" the Thunderbirds. The Blue Angels are based in Pensacola, Florida.
En Vintervell Va Dorno
En Vintervell Va Dorno - 17 uur geleden
Luke 14:11 A Beautiful summary to the video ✝️
ljfinger - 20 uur geleden
New channel name - Dumber at 7.2 g's.
Adil Shah
Adil Shah - 10 uur geleden
Thanks sir your video made me smile 😊
naefin prod
naefin prod - 10 uur geleden
where do you get all of your aircraft models? ie- jets planes and helis?
G-M - 10 uur geleden
Flying a commercial flight during takeoff:
"Ok imma tap out, where's the exit?"
Meghan Harris
Meghan Harris - 10 uur geleden
hey the blue angels
lol nope
lol nope - 11 uur geleden
I'm getting SmarterEveryDay.
Brad Urban
Brad Urban - 11 uur geleden
I see the Cleveland National Airshow 👏
Thank you Destin, great video showing true super heros.
kage0110 - 13 uur geleden
Mace: "7 Gs is a comfortable spot to be"
Me: * stands up quickly and starts feeling dizzy *
captain planet
captain planet - 13 uur geleden
One of the things i do at work is to test the pitot static and transponder so this was nice to watch😁😁
Rafeek Ameer
Rafeek Ameer - 14 uur geleden
Now that i hit 40, if i jump off my bed from a standing position...trying to bounce back up feels like i'm doing 7Gs
Stay classy
Stay classy - 14 uur geleden
here comes the GGGGGGGGGGG's !!! flak is awesome
Teeroy - 14 uur geleden
I thought a Pedo Tube was something way more... disturbing.
John Flack
John Flack - 14 uur geleden
My cousin
IdealSound & Performance
IdealSound & Performance - 14 uur geleden
OMG orbitz
Sir Vere
Sir Vere - 14 uur geleden
loved it! you explain things in such a way that idiots like me can understand it. straight up impressed man
Matt C
Matt C - 15 uur geleden
I can't tell you how envious I am of your flight, after committing 12 years of my life in the USAF, but never getting the opportunity to get an incentive flight with either the F-16 or F-15, both for which I worked on over the years, all around the world. Jealous much? Yes...Lol.
Dalton Barton-Diaz
Dalton Barton-Diaz - 15 uur geleden
Mace casually pulling 7-9 Gs: ya if you train for it youre fine
Destin at 7.2 Gs: hehe airplane go ZOOM
Arno Hakk
Arno Hakk - 15 uur geleden
I think claiming this video had no sponsor is not correct:.This video was sponsered by the US Air Force or the tax payer.
Lee Dotson
Lee Dotson - 16 uur geleden
That was great!
João Santos
João Santos - 16 uur geleden
Of course she can 9g's . look at her neck. Jez. Even the most headbanger in the earth can't support that.
Alvitr V
Alvitr V - 16 uur geleden
This info was interesting, but man I couldn't stand listening to this guy. "I can't pull 9g!" D': He was so bent out of shape about it. I wish I had the tiniest problems in the world like this guy! Can't relate. He is so full of himself, like he's never known humility before. His personality was so annoying I wanted to punch him in the face five minutes in.
Gilbert Tongco
Gilbert Tongco - 17 uur geleden
12:43 clean your nails bro
Romeo Formaran
Romeo Formaran - 17 uur geleden
Momentum. 😇
En Vintervell Va Dorno
En Vintervell Va Dorno - 18 uur geleden
That was absolutely incredible. Thank you for sharing this!
Nabil - 18 uur geleden
I love how casual flack looks while destin in the back looks like he was about to meet god
DasTrebor - 18 uur geleden
Great video, Destin! My father is a retired F-16 pilot and it is my dream to go on a ride along in one. Glad you got to have that opportunity! Maybe one day I will!
Patrick Wyatt
Patrick Wyatt - 18 uur geleden
Please help me understand why Mach 1 is only around 395 knots on an F-16. NASA says Mach 1 is 661.7 knots. I know altitude plays a factor, but not that much from what I can tell. Thanks for any help you can provide! So Jealous !! :)
home and electronics stop
home and electronics stop - 18 uur geleden
best of the best.
Luke Turner
Luke Turner - 19 uur geleden
How was flying with Ben Affleck?
Icewolf 240
Icewolf 240 - 20 uur geleden
Yea Mississippi!! My dad was in the Air Guard and I’ve been to Keesler many times. It’s nice there
Ryan Cuppa
Ryan Cuppa - 20 uur geleden
All I see is lasers and hydra
Jack Turple
Jack Turple - 18 uur geleden
Ya, this is easy stuff, you should see me escaping the military base with my laser.
Patrick Körber
Patrick Körber - 20 uur geleden
20:20 I think he meant ''I missed an opportunity to faint''*
moises berrios
moises berrios - 20 uur geleden
4:27 he´s going to recieve it guys
misiddiai - 20 uur geleden
Man, i love aircraft so much and would give anything to be able to fly one. BUT if I were given the opportunity to sit in an airborne jet fighter, I WOULD NEVER ACCEPT!!! lol I get airsick in airliners and always need drugs to knock me out for the entire duration of the flight lmfao. Those kids are indeed superhuman, and you too are awesome! ✌🏻 Thanks for sharing!
Bishoy Anees
Bishoy Anees - 21 uur geleden
Luke 14: 11 @29:55 ...nice
THUNDER BIRD - 21 uur geleden
Dude perfects one trip guy
Michael Schirmer
Michael Schirmer - 21 uur geleden
What I learned from this is the exercise of how to be humble and confident.
rocko44444444 - 21 uur geleden
Best Air Force recruitment video, ever!
rocko44444444 - 22 uur geleden
"Am I moving?" :DDD
Muhamed Fetinci
Muhamed Fetinci - 22 uur geleden
4:28 : Receive the what? hahahahahahaha
Daniel Waller
Daniel Waller - 22 uur geleden
this was the 7000 comment
Kazi - 22 uur geleden
karrrtik10 - 23 uur geleden
Man watching this video feels like 7'g ,my head is now 70 pounds
P B - 23 uur geleden
After almost a case of Corona, my head feels like pulling 3G's
Gabriel Steinmann
Gabriel Steinmann - 23 uur geleden
Dustin, that was a fantastic video you put together. Thank you for sharing your story so eloquently! I’m envious!
Jorge Jordan
Jorge Jordan - 23 uur geleden
dang whats he is saying is so relevant right now!!! (June 1, 2020)
Eric Wotton
Eric Wotton - Dag geleden
"You put my name on it!!"
elliot - Dag geleden
thanks for that video, really great content ! Peace from France !
Kara Noelle
Kara Noelle - Dag geleden
This video was cool and all, but they didn't explain where in the F-16 they put in the Chaos Emeralds, nor did I see them turn yellow and sparkling...
Roy Korteweg
Roy Korteweg - Dag geleden
When you stumble upon this video accidentally, and you watch to the end cuz it's THAT interesting!
Meliodas Mangubat
Meliodas Mangubat - Dag geleden
i end up dizzy just by watching.. what more!!!
Jaime A. Zarate
Jaime A. Zarate - Dag geleden
interesante video!!
ivan rains
ivan rains - Dag geleden
i know
FrmrGman - Dag geleden
I feel ya Destin... lol...... I'll never forget when I first got stationed at Nellis in 76 and I got to go up in #8 when they first got the F-16 (in 83) after the T 38's crashed in Jan 82.... what an experience !!
Allord - Dag geleden
What day did you fly? I've been at Keesler for just over two months now, i didn't know there was an air show
Ali Tahrei Sh.
Ali Tahrei Sh. - Dag geleden
It's so cool
I could feel it
It's my dream to have such experience
Leon Megerdichian
Leon Megerdichian - Dag geleden
You pulling Gs bro? Lol awsome video. Love the channel. Love the honest facts....
MOJO - Dag geleden
What actor does Flack look like
david prendergast
david prendergast - Dag geleden
Sick!! this is the best episode ever👌👍.
ZEKe TAYONE - Dag geleden
Flack: the epitome of a chad
Ralph perea
Ralph perea - Dag geleden
I was a F16 crew chief 2004-2009. Brings back memories. Lucky you that you got a ride and can bring it to everyone at home. I sadly never got a ride. I still hope one day. Keep up the great work. Cheers
Becky Stone
Becky Stone - Dag geleden
Thanks for a great video! Have to see your others!
What’s that thing to the right of your map on the wall w the blinking light? Only things I could think of is binary clock or something theyd use on lost in space or Star Trek (looks high tech but just blindly lights?
Khrieluotuo Kire
Khrieluotuo Kire - Dag geleden
you look like Shmee150 ... cousin by anychance
Pivot Boy
Pivot Boy - Dag geleden
Meanwhile: me missing my shot in war thunder at pulling a casual 29g's to shoot again
Nestor Ramirez
Nestor Ramirez - Dag geleden
What is the name of the aerodynamic book?
cheatham85 - Dag geleden
I go supersonic in my 86 chevy on the way to the grocery store.....puh leaze.
nick pale
nick pale - Dag geleden
Can we see the video of you flying the plane would of been a cool add on
Gibd0 - Dag geleden
I thought you had to have all seven Chaos Emeralds to go super sonic haha
thank you. thank you.
The Youtube Algorithm
The Youtube Algorithm - Dag geleden
i think my war thunder pilot is dead after 29 gs
William Hartmann
William Hartmann - Dag geleden
Humbling knowing your limitations.
See One, Do One
See One, Do One - Dag geleden
My palms are sweaty.
LostMotions - Dag geleden
I feel so smart now... time to flex on my family. 😎
gaptoofgranny - Dag geleden
I can relate in this way. I did a fam flight in a glider - never been up in the air before - and I learned that my physiology and mental state does four things. The excitement kicks in, the realization that this is absolutely real and the adrenaline starts flowing, the feeling of dread washes over you, and then finally the anticipation just before you start rolling. I don't know what that combination of feeling is called, but there's nothing like that anywhere else.
The other neat thing about a kinfe edge maneuver is the pilot has to add a bit of down elevator to compensate for the lift vector of both the wings and the body in order to keep a straight line. If he didn't, it would turn into a gradual turn towards canopy. Since it's performed at a lower altitude, the pilot has to input more down elevator because as you mentioned it - higher density at that altitude.
Terence Edwards
Terence Edwards - Dag geleden
i can guess your 35kg head was unusable
Mr Dean
Mr Dean - Dag geleden
Haha Destin's body for the 8 point roll was like a crash dummy😂😂😂😂
Netcald - Dag geleden
I think pulling negative g’s would’ve been a cool manoeuvre to do.
Jonas Horlacher
Jonas Horlacher - Dag geleden
The way he says “here comes the g’s” is so sensual and I can picture johnny sins saying that
The Grim Racer8
The Grim Racer8 - Dag geleden
“You put my name on it?” 😂
Edwin Dude
Edwin Dude - Dag geleden
It’s very satisfying hey ? I was taken up in a tornado during my JTAC course, was bonkers dude to be honest.
YouTube's shit hole
YouTube's shit hole - Dag geleden
YouTube's shit hole
YouTube's shit hole - Dag geleden
lets watch them burn your tax dollars up