NLE Choppa - Walk Em Down feat. Roddy Ricch (Official Music Video)

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Listen to "Walk Em Down":
TikTok: @NLEChoppaMusic
Triller: @NLEChoppa
A Psycho Films Production
Director: Christian Sutton
EP: Sam Canter
Producers: Geenah Krisht & Mary Margaret Merritt
DP: Dannel Escallon
PD: Dre Day Designz
1st AD: Erik Mateo
Editor: Tyler Sobel-Mason
VFX: Warm & Fuzzy, Nuclear Creative, Max Goodrich, & Will Tooke
Colorist: Stephen Derluguian
Lasers: FutureWeapons Lasers

#WalkEmDown #NLEChoppa #RoddyRicch #WalkEmDownChallenge
Looptijd: 2:56


NLE CHOPPA - 7 dagen geleden
I can’t even lie, I done watched this MF a thousand times myself. This prolly my favorite music video. Watts y’all favorite music video of me ? #NLE💔
Zach Gaming
Zach Gaming - 22 uur geleden
Shorts flow remix and this song “walk em down”
Selman Fejzić
Selman Fejzić - 5 dagen geleden
Laste reply
AUDII - 5 dagen geleden
PurpLex - 5 dagen geleden
julian dat GOAT
julian dat GOAT - 5 dagen geleden
This and famous hoes
BTE Calvin
BTE Calvin - 2 uur geleden
Branden Sheets
Branden Sheets - 2 uur geleden
TheSwiftNinja’s Crafts
TheSwiftNinja’s Crafts - 3 uur geleden
NLE is a good rapper but I liked him a lil bit more without the auto tune 🤷🏻‍♂️
Aditya Grewal
Aditya Grewal - 3 uur geleden
bro this ur best song!!
Dalaeja Taylor
Dalaeja Taylor - 3 uur geleden
Nle the goat for making this song😀
Calvin Williams
Calvin Williams - 3 uur geleden
dislikes are from people who do not walk em down
Dairon Antunez
Dairon Antunez - 3 uur geleden
I been watching your music video like 2.9m
PS4 beast im
PS4 beast im - 3 uur geleden
NLE choppa💔 make a song with lil baby
BrightThief - 3 uur geleden
tiktok people reply when you found this ill be waiting
Dread Clan
Dread Clan - 3 uur geleden
Every body give this video a big thumbs up or you are a virgin
William Da Silva Rodrigues
William Da Silva Rodrigues - 3 uur geleden
Its official Nle choppa got the the corona virus for walking people down then wiping their noses
Roderick Mitchell
Roderick Mitchell - 3 uur geleden
Dude you 17 teen how do cus you played football how make these much videos
Load Opp9
Load Opp9 - 3 uur geleden
I love NLE'S Melody
Alexander Conde
Alexander Conde - 3 uur geleden
this shit is fire AF #NLE💔 much respect
Latrelle Henry
Latrelle Henry - 3 uur geleden
This fire 🔥 choppa
Barbara Fikes
Barbara Fikes - 3 uur geleden
What time are you going to make more music
MatZio Addo
MatZio Addo - 3 uur geleden
Who else was this on snap and was recommended to watch it
Emanuel Medina Frigm
Emanuel Medina Frigm - 3 uur geleden
NLE this is my fav song.this is fire
Maine - 3 uur geleden
walk em Down
Maine - 3 uur geleden
walk em Down
ihatemylife200 - 3 uur geleden
Selling dope till the sun go down ❄❄❄🤯
Only few will understand
take over
take over - 3 uur geleden
my favorite song isee this song thousand times
Darren Maynard
Darren Maynard - 3 uur geleden
Is red Roddy Ricch favorite color
For mang
For mang - 4 uur geleden
Search results: *walk em down roddy ricch*
Roddy Ricch: *has a 20 second verse*
D i o r
D i o r - 4 uur geleden
Young jasiel in the clubbing area with his glock 9mm semi automatic firearm.
k.y.t.b ig
k.y.t.b ig - 4 uur geleden
Nle choppa:walk em Down coron:lock em down
k.y.t.b ig
k.y.t.b ig - 4 uur geleden
Yoooo lit as fuck I have a mini ak47
Gucci Games
Gucci Games - 4 uur geleden
broo this sh is so catch i prob watched it about 50 times now
Henry Mahone
Henry Mahone - 4 uur geleden
OMG this song is fire 🔥 me and my whole family love this song and listen to it on every thing every where and every day Honestly i love Nle choppa his songs are fire and one day I hope to meet him and spend time with him and have fun with him and play cool games and get a picture so I can remember I really want to play PlayStation game with him and if he does have PlayStation I hope you read this and also my epic:henintampa and my PlayStation is the same hope you read this nle I’m only 9 years old and I would love to play video game with you you inspired my heart to do good things and I hope you read this (please can I get a lot of likes on this comment because this took a lot of time to write)
Henry Mahone
Henry Mahone - 4 uur geleden
My mom says I like you way too much
Henry Mahone
Henry Mahone - 4 uur geleden
And my favorite song by you nle is well all of them because they’re all fire but the ones I like the most is Shotta flow three Camelot and this one walk em down
huniqk - 4 uur geleden
Lit ty
Fusic - 4 uur geleden
im vibin to this shit
Dosil Domingos
Dosil Domingos - 4 uur geleden
This one ,forever and shotta flow
Ninja - 4 uur geleden
Pants be like walk em down
King Gaming
King Gaming - 4 uur geleden
u and youngboy should make a song
Tj Ugly
Tj Ugly - 4 uur geleden
This 1
Evelyn Smith
Evelyn Smith - 4 uur geleden
I like rock but I listened to dis
Ace Money
Ace Money - 4 uur geleden
What this advertisement for beats jk
PeraNinja - 5 uur geleden
bro were I get these dreads plzzzz
Melecia Vigilante
Melecia Vigilante - 5 uur geleden
Roddy Ricch the box glock means pp nle choppa is only 6teen
Kieran Khomyak
Kieran Khomyak - 5 uur geleden
6ix9ine: Roddy did the Race too
XDClapzy - 5 uur geleden
Y'all plaese subscribe to me I'm a upcoming fortnite player
Toxicc Lion
Toxicc Lion - 5 uur geleden
That ain't the hood it's a stage
Tyrik Jackson
Tyrik Jackson - 5 uur geleden
Aye this nle biggest fan 😎
Solo _YT
Solo _YT - 5 uur geleden
2:05 best part
Andrea Macias
Andrea Macias - 5 uur geleden
12K Official4PF
12K Official4PF - 5 uur geleden
this one is my favorite and your my favorite rapper pls stay on earth i saw post on Instagram about a month back i hope it is not true because you have family and fans and friends that care about you .
Marc Hein
Marc Hein - 6 uur geleden
Ashley Patterson
Ashley Patterson - 6 uur geleden
Frfr this bitch is lit fam....
ISAIAH STREETER - 6 uur geleden
scopezZz for the boiz
scopezZz for the boiz - 6 uur geleden
Who thinks Nle tatoos are fake
Blade Sludge
Blade Sludge - 6 uur geleden
Ain't gon lie this come on and for some reason my arms got a mind of they own
doizzer - 6 uur geleden
why did you copy nba young boy voice
High Bass
High Bass - 6 uur geleden
Can you go watch my bass boost from this! I'd appreace it
jared moutsinga
jared moutsinga - 6 uur geleden
Nobody: ....

Absolutely nobody : ....

people in comments : Corona virus hasn't kill me yet LIke if you are alive
sthembiso moukangwe
sthembiso moukangwe - 6 uur geleden
Teodor Stojcev
Teodor Stojcev - 7 uur geleden
Roddy Ricch's verse:20 secs
NLE's verse:2:35 min.
I love democracy
DARK_BLITZZ - 7 uur geleden
This is it the bomb nle
Alejandro Arroyo
Alejandro Arroyo - 7 uur geleden
0:11 me after buying some chips w my last 50cents
Mohamed Sesay
Mohamed Sesay - 8 uur geleden
Tattoos look amazing btw
Green Street Music
Green Street Music - 8 uur geleden
Wtf why is he getting tattoos like all those other clowns
Wisam algobori
Wisam algobori - 8 uur geleden
NLE hair color changes every song
I think nle will found new colours never described before
YxngNxtion-YT - 8 uur geleden
Roddy Ricch be teleporting too much😂 I'll soon report and he'll get banned no worries guys
Tiffany Griffith
Tiffany Griffith - 8 uur geleden
ahhhhh god what are yall doing during this corona cuz im just building forts and breaking them hahaha.... im weird.
Affinity - 8 uur geleden
Nobody :
Literally Nobody :
Not even god :

NLEs Hands 👍👎👌👊✊👉👆👇✌☝
SoloKing 27.
SoloKing 27. - 9 uur geleden
Isaac Bugmy
Isaac Bugmy - 9 uur geleden
Joshua Carlos
Joshua Carlos - 9 uur geleden
Whenever I see NLE I always think he's a football player
zemroids freind
zemroids freind - 9 uur geleden
Fav bid SHOTTS flow 3
W1nter Shazar_
W1nter Shazar_ - 9 uur geleden
NLE is not scared of death
Death is scared of NLE
Dislucid - 9 uur geleden
NLE Choppa: Still doin drive-bys
6ix9ine: yall hear sumn?
Phillips Jackie
Phillips Jackie - 9 uur geleden
I like 100 shots and shotta flow remix Im a big fan
Kyran Chapman
Kyran Chapman - 9 uur geleden
He dances like he has invisible bees around him 🤣
lashy huxlar
lashy huxlar - 9 uur geleden
Walk em down STALIN OR NOT STALIN🤔🤔🤔🤔
ANT BAILEY - 9 uur geleden
Joint slaps video hard af 🔥🔥🔥
Yxngsleo Kxd
Yxngsleo Kxd - 9 uur geleden
Nle:At 17 Millionaire
Me:17 me sleeping
pineapple idi
pineapple idi - 9 uur geleden
Ia no one concerned with his suicidal tweet
xd kubabrt
xd kubabrt - 9 uur geleden
2:04 "Caught a murder then I be then I beat the case I was just about to do the race" Isn't that Tay K reference?
Tenias2K-_- - 10 uur geleden
Nle Choppa best rapper
Cronichal 24
Cronichal 24 - 10 uur geleden
One random person who likes this headass