#WorldCupAtHome | Spain v Netherlands (Brazil 2014)

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Fans voted in numbers on Twitter to have their favourite World Cup matches streamed on NLmind. Now, it’s time to enjoy these classic games with fans across the globe.
Today, we’re taking you back to Brazil 2014. Enjoy THAT Spain vs Netherlands encounter!
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Looptijd: 2:21:32


FIFATV - 18 dagen geleden
7:49 Kick-off in Salvador
33:06 Penalty to Spain
34:23 GOAL: Xabi Alonso (Spain 1-0 Netherlands)
51:12 GOAL: Robin Van Persie (Spain 1-1 Netherlands)
54:00 First half ends
1:11:00 Second half begins
1:17:58 GOAL: Arjen Robben (Spain 1-2 Netherlands)
1:29:47 GOAL: Stefan de Vrij (Spain 1-3 Netherlands)
1:37:44 GOAL: Robin Van Persie (Spain 1-4 Netherlands)
1:45:24 GOAL: Arjen Robben (Spain 1-5 Netherlands)
1:59:46 Full time
Cristina Gonzalez
Cristina Gonzalez - 9 uur geleden
Reboltosa recoletas Yotube
Vinny •
Vinny • - Dag geleden
Omar Adel
Omar Adel - 2 dagen geleden
France 🇫🇷 VS Switzerland 🇨🇭 , Please 😍😍
fRostgaMer !
fRostgaMer ! - 2 dagen geleden
Miguel Salazar Ruiz
Miguel Salazar Ruiz - 3 dagen geleden
Que os follen
John Smith
John Smith - 9 minuten geleden
My top three WC matches:
1) Spain 1-5 Netherlands
2) Brazil 1-7 Germany
3) Croatia 2-1 England
Another Joe
Another Joe - Uur geleden
Awesomness 😎 still after all these years 👌🏻
DrEimanReturns - 3 uur geleden
Or simply titled: revenge of the cheese
KingPrince - 3 uur geleden
I remember that opening, I loved it, I miss this cup so much
javier rodriguez
javier rodriguez - 3 uur geleden
At least we have a star in our chest
Álvarob - 3 uur geleden
How mamy World Cups Holland has?
R R - 4 uur geleden
We should have done this 4 years earlier😪
R R - 4 uur geleden
We should have done this 4 years earlier😪
Wendy Kiloh
Wendy Kiloh - 5 uur geleden
The man the myth the legend himself robben van persie
Juan Lucena
Juan Lucena - 5 uur geleden
En serio tenían que poner éste??
TitoFriedrich - 7 uur geleden
Muy bien pero españa les gano la final del mundo xD
Mr Silence Dogood
Mr Silence Dogood - 8 uur geleden
The whole world was a little bit Dutch that day.. except for Spain
Reibax991 yt
Reibax991 yt - 9 uur geleden
Tenemos la copa del mundo.
Sergio Ciudad
Sergio Ciudad - 10 uur geleden
This only might be the favourite game of envious people. You have to win when you have to win, which means you have to win a final. Maybe the 4th one is your time, meanwhile enjoy the match of the losers.
Hexagy - 11 uur geleden
This was the very 1st game i watched. It was so amazing.
Peter Paul
Peter Paul - 11 uur geleden
I watched it live and i'm from The Netherlands. I didn't expect it at all
martijn Cfc
martijn Cfc - 14 uur geleden
Byebye spain we hate tou
Mika J
Mika J - 15 uur geleden
Am i the only one that saw pique falling with the last goal?
gregg son
gregg son - 17 uur geleden
prime rvp a top 20 footballer EVER
Santi Salas
Santi Salas - 18 uur geleden
Cuando ves que han subido el partido de España contra Holanda :)
Cuando ves que el partido es el del 2014: :(
Softyvibes - 18 uur geleden
I remember this so well I was 10 years old and I was screaming so much it was an unbelievable match!❤️
Matheus Silva
Matheus Silva - 18 uur geleden
Hey @fifatv You have this game in 4K. Post the 2014 and 2018 games in 4K. Please!
Matheus Silva
Matheus Silva - 18 uur geleden
4k PLS!
Adrián Pérez de Armas
Adrián Pérez de Armas - 19 uur geleden
CUKLISOUND98 TV - 19 uur geleden
2010 👑🌍🇪🇦💯 ahora vas y lo cascas. 🤣🥇
Elvizz Apango
Elvizz Apango - 20 uur geleden
Please, Usa vs France. Women's World cup 2019!
Adrian Kelley
Adrian Kelley - 21 uur geleden
karma for Costa's dive
ecuaking87 - 22 uur geleden
Can the sound be fixed i cant hear the comentator
marijn Jumelet
marijn Jumelet - 23 uur geleden
1:20:39 the stare of death is upon you diego!
Carlos Ch
Carlos Ch - Dag geleden
Sadly for the Netherlands not the match they really wanted to win.
Sergio Pérez Azañon
Sergio Pérez Azañon - Dag geleden
Sisis pero quien tiene la estrella🇪🇦
Alex Salazar
Alex Salazar - Dag geleden
Soy mexicano pero tengo que admitir que Holanda le metió una santa madriza a España.
Moh Amine
Moh Amine - Dag geleden
1:52:20 the best shot
Ghata-Lora-Mera Lorrra
Ghata-Lora-Mera Lorrra - Dag geleden
Spain have Some of the Greatest Players they have Introduce to the World But they also have Some of the Dirtiest Players that World have Ever Seen like J.Alba S.Bisquets G.Pique and Don't Forget S.Ramos 😂😂😂😂😂
Wessel Groenink
Wessel Groenink - Dag geleden
And still this match is remembered as one of the most legendary matches of all time.
sticker Hobbes
sticker Hobbes - Dag geleden
You just saved my quarantine
Jane Selby
Jane Selby - Dag geleden
can you make the commentary a bit louder please
V S - Dag geleden
I get goosebumps from this
carlos carrasco gonzalez
carlos carrasco gonzalez - Dag geleden
Como español no me gusta este partido 😂
Kanev lon
Kanev lon - Dag geleden
Sure but Spain still won the world cup and Netherlands didn't
Noah Brinkman
Noah Brinkman - Dag geleden
Toen nederland nog goed was
The Wãve
The Wãve - Dag geleden
Uhm, we zijn nu ook aardig goed bezig. Finale Nations League weet je nog? Ook al was dit een uitzonderlijke tijd.
Blackdeath1943 gaming
Blackdeath1943 gaming - Dag geleden
I remember watching the first game with my now deceased grandfather.
He died that same year on November 1st. (Which is also my dads birthday. )
shaniel fo real
shaniel fo real - Dag geleden
Hup HOLLAND hup!!!!!
Onbekend -_-
Onbekend -_- - Dag geleden
Best world cup ever
Sjaak Babliboebski
Sjaak Babliboebski - Dag geleden
From 33:10 to 1:38:06 their mood lol
ruka - Dag geleden
EL NOODLE - Dag geleden
Hahaha. Losers
Sandaa - Dag geleden
Hoe kan ik toto spelen?
ruka - Dag geleden
Adria Saez
Adria Saez - Dag geleden
Yes but who wins on 2010?!🇪🇸✊
Victor Serrano
Victor Serrano - 2 dagen geleden
Italy: 4 WC
France: 2 WC
England:1 WC
Spain: 2 WC
Netherlands: they won a group stage match and they got knocked by Argentina, but its their best result 🤣
Victor Serrano
Victor Serrano - Dag geleden
@Covid 19 grab it on your orange kit 🤣 we Have a Star in our kit
Covid 19
Covid 19 - Dag geleden
Victor Serrano 5-1
Victor Serrano
Victor Serrano - Dag geleden
@Daniel vb im spanisg and dutch people still mocking us for the 5-1 even though they lost the 2010 final against us and they have not a WC.
Daniel vb
Daniel vb - Dag geleden
Victor Serrano lol what are you talking about? 😂
Ski Sko
Ski Sko - 2 dagen geleden
This is the one and only game I really didn’t wanna watch as a Spaniard but at least I have 2010 to console me...😂
Boni Montero
Boni Montero - 2 dagen geleden
Nosotros con un solo gol os ganamos un mundial, ustedes con 5 no lográsteis nada
Tony Torrez
Tony Torrez - Dag geleden
Rafael Fernandes
Rafael Fernandes - 2 dagen geleden
Esse dia foi louco!
Lorenzo Mendes
Lorenzo Mendes - 2 dagen geleden
Jacco Van Dam
Jacco Van Dam - 2 dagen geleden
I can still remember this game, was the most epic game ever.
Ageng Akustia
Ageng Akustia - 2 dagen geleden
Van persie. The flying dutchman.
Javier Camello Muñoz
Javier Camello Muñoz - 2 dagen geleden
I prefer the final of the 2010 world cup 😉
Andrés Doncel
Andrés Doncel - 2 dagen geleden
A 281 españoles no les gustó esto
Jorge de lprado
Jorge de lprado - 2 dagen geleden
Dutch people: this is the best match ever
Spanish people: yeah... Almost as to win a match and a world cup in your first world cup final at the same time
Jorge de lprado
Jorge de lprado - 8 uur geleden
@aa hh you can't be buthurted anymore when you already know you won't get to a final ever again
aa hh
aa hh - Dag geleden
@Jorge de lprado we haven't been butthurt since we saw poor little Casillas crawl for his life like a pathetic little toddler.
Jorge de lprado
Jorge de lprado - Dag geleden
@Skelte Eemsing Dutch think this way because they are buthurted because we have a world cup and they dont
Skelte Eemsing
Skelte Eemsing - Dag geleden
@Jorge de lprado when the spanish people this always says because they cant accept that the neterhlands spain in this match completly have scrapped with 5-1
Jorge de lprado
Jorge de lprado - 2 dagen geleden
@FloopinHD 2010 South Africa wolrd cup final Spain v Netherlands First time of a wolrd final for Spain. Spain defeats the Netherlands (first accomplishment) By that they won their first world cup final (second accomplishment) Hence winin a wolrd cup (third accomplishment) Bonus accomplishmentst: 2 years later they will win their 3rd European cup (2nd consecutive) actually stablishing a record of consecutive international titles. We can loose any match against the Netherlands but we have a world cup, they don't.
Víctor Guerra Lopez
Víctor Guerra Lopez - 2 dagen geleden
Netherlands Vs SPAIN 2010 pleaseee
Derrick Tyson
Derrick Tyson - 2 dagen geleden
Dutch titles = 1 Eurocup 🤦‍♂️ losers by nature
Geraldine Sleijpen
Geraldine Sleijpen - Dag geleden
Where are you from exactly?
Derrick Tyson
Derrick Tyson - 2 dagen geleden
Es increíble que Holanda no haya conseguido ni un mundial habiendo llegado 3 veces a la final y en este de Brasil terceros o cuartos también se quedaron a las puertas de ganar. Quizás eran muy buenos jugadores pero no creían, no creían que podían conseguirlo porque tenían mentalidad perdedora. Las finales no se juegan se ganan.
Andy Baughman
Andy Baughman - 2 dagen geleden
Did anybody notice the little intro video said it was the 2018 World Cup? :/ :/
Riggs 010
Riggs 010 - 2 dagen geleden
De Guzman such a weak player so many mistakes
coolboombox160 - 2 dagen geleden
Ik ga deze wedstrijd nooit en te nimmer vergeten! Dit was echt een prachtige dag! En die goal van van persie.... dat is echt een goal van de eeuw
Tri Anto
Tri Anto - 2 dagen geleden
Tiki taka vs total football
Eliezer dos Santos
Eliezer dos Santos - 2 dagen geleden
Un Gallego eSpAñOl
Un Gallego eSpAñOl - 3 dagen geleden
I don't know why the people from Netherlands in the comments are laughing at Spain in this match knowing that four years earlier Spain took away the title of world champions, apart from that they didn' win this World Cup
PD:I have nothing against the Netherlands
Antonio Fernández Jorge
Antonio Fernández Jorge - 3 dagen geleden
La que se llevaron en Sudáfrica no fue normal
Diego Jurado
Diego Jurado - 3 dagen geleden
Now the Spain vs Netherlands 2010😍VIVA ESPAÑA!!
GØD TURUBIA - 3 dagen geleden
Jane Selby
Jane Selby - 3 dagen geleden
amazing to think that the netherlands didnt qualify for russia 2018
Nathi Tshabalala
Nathi Tshabalala - 3 dagen geleden
This match is like a movie script where the start gets incensed after noticing their own blood. Spain penalty then all things revenge come back to the mind of the dutch.
MicDrg - 16 uur geleden
mSB_23 he’s probably more accurate than you give him credit for.
mSB_23 - Dag geleden
you just can't compare a world final to a group stage match
Federico Rodríguez García
Federico Rodríguez García - 3 dagen geleden
La confirmación de que la España de Vicente del Bosque ya no daba para más. Hubo una preparación física y táctica horrible, no se tuvo en cuenta la adaptación a los diferentes climas de Brasil, puso a Diego Costa en lugar de David Villa y cambió el sistema que se llevaba usando desde hacía años solo para aquel delantero mediocre que gustaba a los medios de comunicación... Un final impropio para la mejor generación de futbolistas que ha dado este país. Además, los jugadores holandeses tenían muchas ganas de resarcirse mientras algunos españoles iban de vacaciones pensando que ganarían solo con ponerse la camiseta.
juan gc
juan gc - 3 dagen geleden
Lo que era el fantasmita minuto 49:50😎
Evolight - 3 dagen geleden
I miss 2014.....
Dany Andrian
Dany Andrian - 3 dagen geleden
That spanish squad though, golden age (casillas, xavi, iniesta, ramos) but lost against netherland
Austin Hance
Austin Hance - 4 dagen geleden
Anyone else here after FIFA released Portugal vs Spain?